Amazing New Features of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft office 2019 is an efficient package that allows the users to create detailed documents and edit them. It gets used by many users who utilize it for personal reasons. The business model is also viral. If you have been looking to know about the newest changes in the 2019 package, then you have come to the right place.


  • The vector graphics are now scalable in the word and PowerPoint programs along with excel.
  • The translator facility is a bonus addition for those who missed it in previous versions.
  • The navigation features of zoom in the PowerPoint application is pleasing.
  • New functions in the spreadsheet program.
  • Utilizing the surface pen in PowerPoint for navigating the slides.

Scalable Graphics

It is easy to introduce scalable vector graphics when you are using excel or word. They can be manipulated by resizing and coloring or rotating them.


The Translator

This is excellent as it allows you to translate the content into new languages. The translator from Microsoft has now been integrated into the, which has made it much more efficient.

Latex Equations

Now you can enter the math figures with the help of latex syntax. This is available under the tab of design. Also, one can access it by pressing the alt key along with – on the keyboard.


Morphing Feature

This provision allows the users to duplicate the slide and then manipulate the size and edit the available objects in it. This makes room for smooth animation, which is excellent.


Zooming Option

The zoom feature allows the users a much more dynamic view of the presentations in PowerPoint.


Surface Pen Navigation

By pressing the eraser, you can advance a slide. This allows you to navigate in between the slides with the help of the surface pen.


Enhanced Functions

There are new functions such as SWITCH TEXJOIN CONCAT and MAXIFS to mention a few which allow the users to manipulate the data in excel thoroughly.


Ink Tools

Highlighting the text is simple and deleting the written words by using ink tools. This can be done by accessing the eraser options in the tab of pens.


Microsoft’s 2019 package has come up with new and advanced features that are second to none.

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