An Unusual Glitch Confirms Battle Royale Mode In Call Of Duty

Rumors have been reported related to Activision planning to introduce battle royale mode in the game of call of modern duty warfare. Two logical pillars are in support of this rumor. The first one is the previous year’s black ops 4’s blackout mode turned out to be a massive hit, and it isn’t something that Activision would think of revisiting it. And the second one is that data miners seem to have unearthed the evidence already related to the existence of battle royale. A modern warfare player found heavens in a manner that appears to confirm the arrival of the battle royale. Nateberg3, the Reddit user uploaded a video of him towering over a map that doesn’t exist in the game as of yet.


He was seen loading into a match of Spec Ops at the time when he was transported mysteriously to the newfound area. When all this gets matched with what the data miners came up with the locations turn out to be aligned as expected. It is anticipated that Activision will make this official in the coming near future. The theories that prevail right now suggest that this will be launched in the early part of the year 2020. It will turn out to be supporting about 200 players and will a free to play standalone type. The raven software is expected to work on this, which implies the infinity ward will require focusing on the support for the traditional multiplayer side of the game of modern warfare.


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