Apex Legends: Sniper Shots Being Sent Towards You via Knockdown Shield Bug

Whenever a player appears to be downed in apex legends, they have the provision to get a shield that can safeguard them from the speeding bullets. This provides an excellent opportunity for the team to revive by clearing the area. It is noteworthy to remember that the shield doesn’t last abundantly when it is out, death seems inevitable, preceded by defenselessness. The best thing about the knockdown shield is that it has the potential not just to block the bullets but also ricochet the bullets back to the origin or to the one that is aiming for you. A player that goes by the username dw_supreme on Reddit posted a clip after capturing it that displayed a shield that launches a bullet from the player’s kraber back. The clip here gets played in slow motion, and it showcases a bug that is detected.


This would route out the opposing players, which would be weird when it happens. Moreover, the players have given accounts of situations that were similar to this in the past, which reveals that this has been a persistently occurring theme but not much game interfering or halting as of yet. The developers haven’t spoken on it if it’s a bug or works as intended, but according to players, it seems more of a bug. It is not certain as of yet to see if one’s own bullet could kill oneself; however, one could use this method to verify that condition. Obviously, if one’s own bullets can hurt, then its nothing much of a deal, however, if the bullets are deflected back then it signifies that the shield is functioning. If this turns out to be a bug, then you would be good at keeping a hawk-eye on the board of apex legends trello to check if the bug gets a mention in the future. As for now, you can check if the enemy can kill themselves with bullets of their own.

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