How do I Know Office Setup Can Run on PC or Mac?

Microsoft office is a comprehensive software that allows computing tasks at a fast pace. It enables the users to make use of the document creating provisions along with making attractive presentations. Some users have confusion related to specifications that are required to run the program. You can read about the required specification for both windows and Mac OS to see if the program can run on your system.


  • The office 2019 requirements for windows go as follows. You will require 1.8Ghz or faster, processor with two cores. Ample 4 GB RAM will be needed to make sure the program runs smoothly. This is valid for the 64-bit system.
  • On the 32 bit system, you will require 2GB RAM. You will need a free storage space of 4GB on your computer. The optimal resolution needed to run the for windows is 1280X768.
  • The windows 10 version is required to run the office program and windows server 2019. Apart from that, you will require DirectX 9 or advanced graphics hardware acceleration. This combined with WDDM 2.0 or higher for running office programs on windows 10.


  • For running the office program smoothly on Mac OS, you will require CPU having Intel x86 64. A 4 GB RAM will be needed or more to run the software. The Mac OS edition should be 10.10 or the latest release.
  • The minimum resolution required for running the program on Mac is 1280X800. Your display monitor should support the high resolution to run the program efficiently. Further, you will require 6GB of hard disk space, the formatted disk HFS plus will be needed.
  • Your Mac should support the browsers including internet explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, and edge. A DVD drive will be required and a Wi-Fi connection if you are setting up the program via a network drive.

These are some of the specifications needed to run the on your system. you can check if your system, whether Windows or Mac has these specifications needed.

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