How To Create And Use The Forms In Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access provides database management that integrates jet database engine with GUI and tools of software development. Microsoft 365 includes access software. If you are facing issues related to using forms in the access database, then you can read the instructions below to implement them in creating and using forms.


  • You can go the navigation pane and choose the table, then click on the create tab and check for forms group. Further, you can click on the form of the command. You will see that the form has been created. It will be visible in the layout view.
  • For saving the form, you can click on the option of save that appears on the toolbar of quick access. If you get prompted, you can input a name related to the form and then hit ok for saving it.


  • Start by choosing the design tab and then locate the group of tools that appears on the right side of the ribbon. Further, you can click on the command of add existing fields.
  • You will see the pane of field list appearing on your screen. For choosing the desired field, you can double click on it. The field will be allocated to the form.
  • This procedure can also be used to add the fields in a form that appears to be completely blank. You can create the form by clicking on the command named blank form on the create tab. Further, you can follow the same steps to introduce the required fields.
  • Adding fields from different tables in the database is also possible from the pane of the field list. You can click on the option of the show all tables. Click on the + icon and double click it.


  • Start by going to the view of form layout and choose the design tab.
  • Further locate the group of controls and then choose command of the combo box. Choose the combo box desired location. You will see a line appearing indicating the location for the box to be created.

You can easily create a form in Microsoft access application and use them by going through the directions given above.


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