How to Use the Data Loss Prevention Policies of Office 365 Edition?

Data Loss Prevention Policies of Office 365

The 365 is one of the best packages released by Microsoft. There are issues related to data loss, which can be resolved. If you were wondering about the data loss prevention provision in office 365, then you have come to the right place. The DLP facility can detect sensitive data with the help of content analysis; identifying the sensitive data is possible without interrupting the workflow. You can read more about the DLP policies below.


  • The information related to credit card and other such types of data is viewed as the keyword; thus, DLP can achieve the best degree of accuracy. For making a DLP policy, you will need to sign in to your account then choose the admin centers, further click on the option of compliance and security.
  • Now expand the DLP many and then select policy items and then choose to create. Set the related properties and click on the financial option; also, you can click on the regulation tab and then choose next.
  • Further this you will require defining the locations. Then click on the next tab. Select the advanced option or simple, depending on your requirements. You will need to choose the inspection between internal and external content and then click on next. Selecting whether you need to block people off the access is also possible.


  • Inspection of content will start once the DLPs are created, you can turn on the policies if they are not enabled, with the help of DLP reports you can see a bunch of policies and rules. The total of overrides and false positives can also be seen.
  • Filtering the matches via time frame and location is easy; business insights are readily available with the help of DLPs. The reports can be used to tune the policies while they are running. This way, you can be assured of the content.

The data loss prevention policies linked with 365 are very helpful and can be set up easily.

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